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New Year Resolutions

I intend to get A’bert Originals up and running this year.  New Year resolution…get busy on the jewelry to post and find the shows I will be able to attend as a vendor for the first time.  I will be posting photos for your opinions and feedback and I sincerely look forward to what you have to say.  I tend to be rather old fashioned in my own style, so it’s a challenge for me to keep up with what the new styles and creations.

This isn’t my only blog, and it quite off the focus of other writing I do.  My challenges will be to provide proper photos and descriptions of the beads, gems and wires used in the jewelry.  I have created jewelry and other handmade items as gifts for years but this will be the first time I will have created these types of art for sale.  That being said, I will sincerely be interested in your opinions and input.  The best way to improve any artwork is by taking in the creative discussions of those outside yourself.

I plan to have an open house for Valentine’s Day so I will be posting photos of the designs before the end of the month.  If any of you are art designers of any type who sells your creations, your words of wisdom will be well appreciated.  Following are just a couple of pieces I made last year.  I promise future photos will be more creative and informative!!

Turquoise setYellow Quartz